About Tjuvholmen Group

Tjuvholmen Group invests in a wide range of company categories and stages, such as: SaaS, AI, Exponential Technology, automotive, software, telecom, energy and more. The companies within Tjuvholmen Group had in 2020 an annual turnover of more than 1 Billion NOK. When making an investment, the potential of the company, quality of the idea, and the quality of the team are more important to us than any particular stage or market sector.

Our team consists of entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators who work closely with our portfolio companies to help them overcome the obstacles that stand between them and success. Our unique access to Tjuvholmen Groups many technology and business experts helps our portfolio companies face down the challenges they encounter. Even the most unique problem can be tackled with the help of 250+ people working in or with Tjuvholmen Group, who all share a passion for innovation.